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Main Street USATransport your peeps back in time with our Main Street and Entrance Scenery Group, featuring new mansard style roofs, scrolling marquees, fences, brick walls and more, which will help you recreate the main entrance to your Disneyland RCT Parks.Click to view larger...804kb ZIP file
Fisherman's Awning TabsThis file includes all 4 Awnings tabs (Taut Canvas, Droopy Canvas, Balloon Valance, and the Super Pack which contains all 93 awnings). The scenario also contains Fisherman's Victorian sets (standard and diagonals) and my Incandescent Lights Pack.Click to view larger...2.38Mb ZIP file
Sleeping Beauty's CastleThe new castle set features 2 tabs which will allow you to not only build a recreation of Disneyland's centerpiece landmark, but also expand on your imagination to create unique palaces and castles of your own. Both sets are color mapped to allow you to create a wide variety of looks for your parks.Click to view larger...1.46Mb ZIP file
The MatterhornRecreate Disneyland's centerpiece mountain with a full custom scenery tab. Also includes two tabs for Swiss Chalet buildings, the Matterhorn bobsled ride by Amazing Earl, and a Matterhorn track recreation by Leonardofury.Click to view larger...3.82Mb ZIP file
It's A Small WorldRecreate this classic Disneyland ride with this set of whimsical walls and topiaries!Click to view larger...1.18Mb ZIP file
Haunted MansionThe scenario includes all the scenery (including AE's and the Doombuggy ride), though it's not arranged as the full ride. The scenario does include the constructed exterior of the Haunted Mansion building. It's up to you to play with the objects to discover some of their... shall we say... spirited qualities.Click to view larger...1.53Mb ZIP file
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror HotelFisherman presents The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror custom scenery.Click to view larger...2.2Mb ZIP file
Mama Bear's FrontierlandStep into Mama Bear's reimagining of Disneyland's Frontierland. Complete with new western-themed scenery and more! Also includes Leonardofury's track recreation of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!Click to view larger...4.51Mb ZIP file
Toon Town & DuckburgHelp Uncle Scrooge, Donald and the Nephews build a theme park! Includes custom scenery by ILGMK, Wagi and MidwestBoyInLAClick to view larger...1.49Mb ZIP file

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